Since 1970, nature has been our inspiration, our source of supply and the starting point for all our research projects.

Since its inception, Witt Italia has cultivated a cutting-edge dream: to create products for home cleaning and personal care that respect the environment. A dream that quickly became reality: Witt Italia is today a leading company throughout the country in the fields of ecological detergents, natural cosmetics and products for the well-being of the family.

Each product is completely designed, formulated, produced and packaged in the plant in Poirino (TO). The complete control of the production process allows Witt Italia to be aware of the quality and effectiveness of what it offers its consumers in terms of ecology, respect for the environment and results.

Witt Italia has always chosen not to be present in large-scale distribution but to rely on direct sales. In this way, the relationship that Witt Italia consultants create with their customers is privileged, establishing a relationship that emphasises the quality and safety of Witt products, capable of solving everyday problems in an environmentally friendly manner, rather than just being a business relationship.


Acquisition of the company by Dr. Aristide Artusio, who took over its commercial reins.


Since 2007, the group has been enriched. Erboristeria Magentina, a historic herbalist brand whose philosophy is ‘the joy of giving wellbeing’, joins the family. Erboristeria Magentina directly formulates, produces and distributes natural cosmetics and supplements for personal well-being in the herbalist’s, pharmacies and parapharmacies channel.
Erboristeria Magentina products are natural, 100% made in Italy, created for psychophysical and emotional wellbeing, combining the ancient knowledge of herbalist tradition with scientific innovation.


Armonie di Bellezza was founded in 2012 as a beauty and wellness idea dedicated to beauty professionals.

The project evolves giving life to a line of high-performance cosmetics that are aimed at the final consumer and also the professional.


In 2013 the IAIAOH line was born! The group’s pet care line.

The iAiAOH line! born from the great passion for animals: all our experience and expertise at the service of the natural well-being of dogs, cats and horses. The products are on sale in the online store, where you can find the whole range of products with accurate descriptions and advice for every need.


In 2022 Area Natura was born, a new concept store that combines in a single brand all the brands of the group to allow the consumer to access the complete assortment and satisfy all wellness and beauty needs. The Area Natura shops are all located in the heart of important Italian cities.