Holistic approach

Our products are designed by combining the knowledge of herbal tradition and the most innovative scientific research. In our laboratories, always respecting the raw material, we study increasingly technological and performing systems, enriched by the fundamental concepts elaborated by ancient philosophies.

We explore new ways that connect the natural sciences with bioenergetic disciplines, using a truly holistic approach that spans every field of biosciences: aromatherapy, phytotherapy, chromotherapy, crystal therapy, Bach flowers, radionics, ayurveda, Chinese medicine.

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Proven Efficacy

Erboristeria Magentina firmly believes in the support that scientific research can offer, through efficacy tests and clinical studies, to further validate its ideals. This is why we use a scientific approach in our daily work to internally test the approval, effectiveness and success of all our new proposals.

We study ad hoc questionnaires for each product, distributed during the development phase, in order to have a preliminary evaluation and to be able to intervene and improve our formulation if necessary.

Always internally, through specific instruments, we have the opportunity to test parameters related to the use of cosmetics (measurement of the degree of hydration, skin pH, elasticity and radiance of the complexion) so as to identify the optimal way of use to be indicated in the finished product, as well as to emphasise its performance.

We have also established a collaborative relationship with the University of Turin to further demonstrate the effectiveness of some of our supplements with actual clinical studies, the first of which involved vitamin D3.

Proven Efficacy
The main lines

All products respond naturally to the needs of the whole family. Among these a complete line of ointments enriched with plant extracts and essential oils to regain psychophysical well-being, Olio delle Fate, to highlight feminine beauty, and Natural Benex to relieve the legs.

The main lines